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Recollection Reunion

February 9, 2013

  The image is actually my own version of a clock – with no hour or minute hand…strange. Oh well, I will get to that later 😀 Hi! “Recollection means to gather again”, (then sings the song with the lyrics “together again~)” were our professor’s words in today’s recollection. This is really weird, but in […]

January 4, 2013

  TRUEDAT! Last year has been tough to me, well the former part of the year at least. I tried every inch of me to fit in with people, people who do not do stuffs I do. Ok, what I’m trying to say is, in relation to the photo, I have never been this happy […]

A Wound Heal is Still a Scar

February 17, 2012

It all started that July, I swear I’m not gonna lie. I’m quite we’ll make tons of laugh, Surely one day’s not enough.       She made smiles at a glance, Like Brit and Santana, we danced. Then a minute, everything changed, Causing us to act so strange.       We’ll never again […]