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End of an Era

At last, summer vacation has already started! Well, in my case, my three- week summer vacation. Yes, three weeks. Just because we still have remaining subjects for our year two, we our forced to enroll them this summer, what I meant is required. I can’t believe I am now hating summer. This is so uncool.

Anyway. truth be told, I will miss school,  my professors (some of them, especially the smart ones) for sure. Though sometimes I get fed up, I always love school, it’s the only place I’m away from home where I can be myself with my  friends. I don’t know but this sem really is my favorite for the past two years being in college. Maybe  because in my class (besides the fact that they all have the brains) I found people who are like me, such genuine and awesome people. But now it makes me sad that we had to end the sem without the assurance that we still are going to be in one class, i don’t know, I hope the administration is not shuffling the sectioning again.

What I am trying to say here is that it’s saddening that the school year is now over, when I have found interesting people. And boy am I getting old. It always makes me sad when one thing ends. Oh well, just like what Mitch Albom said, “All endings are also beginnings.” So I should not whine about this, maybe next school year is all better. 🙂

But having at least three weeks of liberty from school works and the stress will definitely give way to my catching ups. Happy summer, buddies!



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