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Seminar on Rabies Infection

Our college, Medical Technology, held another awareness seminar and this time it was about animal bites, specifically the rabies infection. I am not any professional or health care professional (just yet) to write lectures about the said disease but I might as well write here some of what I’ve learned/ interest me about the seminar 🙂

When we hear or read the word rabies, most certainly we think about dogs but actually rabies infection does not only pertain to dogs themselves, we can get the said virus from other animals like cats, bats, etc. Modes of transmission are mostly bites and salivary contact (to an open wound) from animals mention. The speaker showed us clips of those who has/had the infection- and let me tell you, they were really dreadful, I can’t even imagine. Patients are put into isolation wards and are tied to beds, yes, because they have these tendencies to become wild and furious like a mad dog or “ulol na aso” in vernacular. Some of the manifestations are being aerophobic, hydrophobic, and even photophobic. 24 hours or so, before you even know it, the patient infected is dead. Like what the speaker said, rabies is 0% curative…but 100% preventable. Since summer is coming, actually summer has already started, rabies will be one common disease in the community so I think it’s better if we go have our pet dogs and cats vaccinated and if you think you’ve got bitten by such animals, go have yourself vaccinated, too (the incubation period ranges up to 19 years) to prevent further complications. And for the record, rats do not transmit rabies, even if they bite on you – they are dry biters and will only cause you tetanus.

I hope people will learn about rabies infection, the more we are aware about it, the less rate of morbidity. 🙂

I always like having seminars like this, you know having knowledge about some diseases. Frankly this is one of my interests. Maybe I really had the right choice of my course after all 🙂

oh, yeahh, our speaker was Roberto Salvador, MD. He is very funny and intellectual about the topic and he has just this sense of humor I couldn’t forget haha. I love it that I’m always a fan of doctors. Someday, I’ll be one… someday.

Me and my buddy, Joel with Doc Salvador and Doc Dio.


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