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My Love, My Valentine

Photo taken during the Outdoor Film Viewing in Nuvali.

Photo taken during the Outdoor Film Viewing in Nuvali.

Valentine’s Day 2013. Well, what can I say, it was hearts day ❤

Actually, I did not have a date exactly on the 14th, instead I had to report and attend mind- numbing classes just like an ordinary Thursday. No, scratch that, it was not an ordinary Thursday for me, honestly, well maybe because I kept on thinking why, of all days, do I feel so alone on a Valentine’s Day. Great thing I have my beautiful friends with me (the truth is, we were sort of bored that day).  But hey, they’re really awesome, the “Herbinas”, as I call them 😀

So like what I’ve said, 14th’s not the day. Kir and I celebrated Valentine’s the following weekend, a post- valentine’s date it was. We visited the big screen for some Nicholas Sparks, Safe Haven, a movie that I’ve waited for ages after reading the book. The movie was really good, though I was occasionally worried Kir might be a hell bored with it (but he insisted he’s not at all). After the movie, we went to Nuvali for some more movies, which was the original Vday plan, to experience an outdoor film viewing. We had dinner at the Army Navy and ordered some in the supermarket.

I don’t know how to say how much grateful I am to have someone like Kir. He makes me feel everything a lady has to feel about herself (loved, wanted, important, etc) that sometimes I loathe myself for not doing my best-essssst for him. Oh well.

And to wrap things up…. truth be told, it was not really a Grade A date for me because we had a situation even before we see each other. But every single day with him will always be a best day for me 🙂


That were the only photos of the day, we are not really camera persons, we tend to have these awkward moments when we take photos, funny right? considering we are already more than three years in the relationship LOL.




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