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Last year has been tough to me, well the former part of the year at least. I tried every inch of me to fit in with people, people who do not do stuffs I do. Ok, what I’m trying to say is, in relation to the photo, I have never been this happy my whole college life — finally, being with the right people.

Never thought I’d be in a school paper. I made friends with my superiors and so as the apprentices, they are like the best. They have this amazing thing for me — encouragement. Then there came the next school semester, new set of classmates, thank heavens! All of them are very openhearted. Some approach me for questions or even just for a chat. I feel important, I was like, “omg how do I do this, they like me”. What made me delighted was when one asked me about my reading and my addiction to series, I hesitated initially but then I found myself not stopping, and actually she never gets bored, until now, I just love her. I never thought there’ll be one exactly like me. But occasionally I had to stop myself and say to them, “ok, I’m this weird” because I’m afraid they’ll get sick of me, but it turned out it’s just normal for them (whaddup). And I was quite surprise how many hugssses I got everyday, I’m naturally healed from my horrible of a past. It’s just gratifying how people appreciate you, even though you’re not doing anything to please them. I’m starting to love life.

2013 is one Swiftie year! 🙂


Oh, this is my very first blog entry for the year 2013! A good start! 🙂


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