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Different Types of Kisses

October 20, 2012

  1. French Kiss: Probably the most famous kiss there is, the French kiss is an open-mouthed kiss where one person’s tongue touches the other person’s tongue. Also called a “tongue kiss,” the French kiss easy enough to execute, but it can take years to master. 2. Butterfly Kiss: To give someone a butterfly kiss, […]

October 20, 2012

In the night, why dost I cry? Withal, I dost not lie. I bear such sorrow, I’m afraid it’ll be til morrow.   What had become of thy love? Mere just, I can’t understand Above. Can’t agree that you’re not with me betimes, Thou seem giving others the dimes.   Shall I be patient they say, I’m always like the sun in May. Whence art […]


October 19, 2012

A photo shoot before seeing the cadavers. “Orgchem, please be good to me”    “Tara aral tayo sa Anaphy” “Ay, may quiz daw?”   “Ang baba naman magbigay!” Within  five months this year in our university, those were the exact words that repeatedly stir my ears every now and then. But truth be told, I’m more […]