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The girl has gone Mad, make that Madly inlove, (scratch that) Mad.

This is probably the most disappointing summer I’ve ever had. Beyond disappointing, I must say. As a matter of fact, way depressing.

To start with, I have lost a father, a loving father and now he has gone to the heavens. For truth’s sake, I haven’t really seen him a lot during the school days, I have spoken to him through text messages and a week-vacation last October. The truth is, I miss him so much. He’s been very good to me, parang ako nga yata ang pinaka gusto sa magkakapatid. But at the end of the day, I have to accept that every human being was just a mold of mud that will eventually go back being mud. Some people might notice that I’m courageous enough to face this situation, I haven’t actually moved on, it’s still in the process.

What’s even more frustrating is that, I’ve been broken hearted, and this time it’s really painful compared to the previous relationships. It feels like I’m going crazy. I AM starting to act crazy… The LAST THING I expected was he lying to me.

It was like he cheated on me (I’m hearing echoes.. he cheated on me, he cheated on me)
It’s not like him to cheat on me *sigh 😦 I’ve been hurt, and still hurting inside. One minute I have forgiven, the next minute it will flash again in my mind then I cry to sleep every night. What’s more pathetic is that I am being so snoopy, suspicious and everything, and I hate it :”( I don’t wanna worry every now and then, quite depressing .

So much of a cliche but I want to die now, I want to make laslas  for me not to feel these anymore. *sigh. I don’t know what else to do. Worry might be my best friend until my last breath.

This is surely the worst summer I’ve ever had………

Lesson learned? 1. Do not be too much of a confident, we don’t know what’s coming. 2. People change. 3. Expect the things you least expected. 4. And lastly, stay away with people with names Rachelle.


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