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Uneasy Feeling

Another week has passed.

It’s not that rough at all in fact, unlike before.
See, I have been quiet the past few days. It’s like I am tired and sick of the happenings everyday, nothing  unusual to look forward to. You wake up early, go to school, talk with friends about same old things, spend allowance for the next day, go home tired. The part I hate most is when I get to spend my allowance for the next day, without noticing it 😐 it’s really frustrating, you know.

And one of the best part of the week was last Wednesday, because I just made another bestfriend… yea, and then the next day, I acted like nothing happened, I did not talk to her much, worse, did not go with her after class, instead I spent my spare time with other two friends. I feel so much guilt, until now, we haven’t had a proper conversation 😦 .
I feel guilt and sadness at the same time for her, because I know how it feels, when someone you are longing to be with is not paying attention to you, to be rejected and to not be appreciated.

I’ll surely make it all up to her.

But above all, I am happy. Happy, because now I have moved on the past. I have managed not to give a shit anymore, to the guy who let me down, (it’s really silly of me to consider him as my true friend, he’s impossible), to my friend, who I consider the most, I’m done with her.

“Take everything as they come, don’t stress..”


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