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I dreamt of him again last night.

The scenes were like real, as in for real. I don’t know what this means but I want it to stop, I don’t want him in my dreams anymore, it’s just so frustrating and stressing. I don’t want to think of him anymore, I am done with him…..

am I?


He came back, he wants us again.
We were together again, we were inside the jeepney, I was hugging him, he had his arms behind me. We ate together. We laughed while we walked. And I held his hand in my dream, but then when we were in a place with a lot of people, he suddenly slipped his hands away,which made sad…


Yet it was just a dream, a stupid one.


The dream made my mind do a lot of thinking this morning. Why did he slipped his hands away? Maybe he was not proud of me? Or he does not want anyone to know that we were together? I have no idea.



I know that this is NOT so right, I should not be thinking of these things but I wonder if he thinks of me that night. I wonder if I ever crossed his mind. Oh god, I want to know! This is why I want the power to read minds! whew…

If I ever dream of him again, I’ll talk to him, so I guess I’ll have to save some courage starting from now -_____-



(I know Kirsten will have a read on this, I am sorry. I did not mean any of these to happen. I love you.)


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