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Weekend has to End..

Right, I’m now feeling like a school girl on a Sunday, which is really the truth :)) Tomorrow’s Monday again, and I am not yet ready for everything about school. I’m not yet finish doing my damn school works, ugh. Need to type this and print this and answer pages of the book and advance read this, etc, etc, not just so cool for me -____-

So how has been my weekend?
I have been just eating and eating all days. I have planned to watch a movie just this day, too sad I have fallen asleep, which is better because I’m noticing pimples are germinating (did I make it sound disgusting? OK, I think I did). Actually, I am still thinking about what happened last Thursday, I just can’t let it out in my head, you know, I hope this will eventually end torturing me. It’s just too sad.

But, just like one of Taylor’s lyrics, it’s never too late to be brand new. I can always start over to make a new impression on people.

Oh well, I guess I’ll have to compose myself for another hell of a week. Gee, I hope my chemistry lecture professor won’t attend the morning class, I’m sick of him, really, I can’t comprehend to what he is teaching, I’m enjoying the laboratory class more.


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