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My Garden~

I have lots of thoughts in mind now, but I decided to pick this one.

I remember months ago, a friend of mine told me something about gardens, not the usual garden where you grow your plants but the garden which you can plant your ambitions, goals, and desires.Some has found their own kind of garden, just like Taylor, she has found hers, music is her garden, she enjoys what she does now, writing songs about heartbreaks, about letting go and moving on, about life.

I asked my friend, “Paano mo masasabi na nakita mo na ang garden mo?”
You’re on your own garden if you tend to enjoy what you do at the moment, you have no problem, because you are happy and contented.

And after that, I pondered about it, up until now, in fact. Have I found my own garden? Am I on my garden already?

You see, to be a doctor is my dreamest dream ever since I was just in my nursery days.
I know that this is too much of a cliche but I want to help people, I want to cure them,

I want to help those who are sick but don’t have enough money. That’s what I want…
And now to make happen my dream, I enrolled in the college of Medical Technology.
I am few steps away of being a doctor. Four more years and then I can enroll in Medicine.

As time goes by, it’s not that I don’t want to be a doctor anymore, I’m just… getting tired of all these, I’m like, “I don’t think I want this anymore.”
“What if I don’t get to enroll in Medicine, it’s too much costly.” I don’t think I’ll be able to pass all the subjects, just thinking about it, a LOT of chemistry ahead of me, ugh, it’s not so cool, I’d rather have English class the whole time. And now, I’m wanting to be on radio, a disc jock, or a DJ as everyone knows it.
I’m enjoying listening to the radio, I’m enjoying reading books and just discovered I can be a writer because writing caught my interest too. I’m not that so much fluent in speaking but I can manage to be if I really want to. I want people to listen to me too,
I want to make them smile or laugh when they listen.
I find their voices amusing, I find that being a DJ is so cool..

Now I am thinking, is it being a jock or being in the medical field that makes me happy?
Apparently, it’s the DJ thing. But What if it’s just another interest of mine that will just fade away soon? I might regret it. What if not liking my present course is just the effect of the stress and the unlikely environment I’m into now? ohh, I don’t know.
I hope God will give me the power to decide for the right thing and help me find my own garden in the right time and place.


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