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I think if I write what I feel, it’ll be lighter somehow..

Yesterday, I was in school to watch the sports fest up until in the evening. Me and my classmates spent the rest of the evening sitting on our school field until it’s just me and Charmaine. I was happy then because I got to spend a time with her. We walked around the oval just like the old days, we talked, we bought something to eat, and ended up in a serious conversation. When I say it’s serious, it is for real.. It’s a corny and sort of dramatic conversation. We talked about the “thing” and we shared thoughts about each other. And yeah, she told me something that really stroked me. I never thought she felt or still feel that way to me. I wanted to cry that time, but I stopped myself, it’s not like me, to cry and just be pathetic in front of someone else. I wanted to tell her how much hurt I am. I just hope, you know, she would forget it all. It’s torturing me.


“Sometimes, the most important thing is getting it off your chest rather than losing sleep over it.”


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