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Valentine’s Day

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day, you see, I am a fan. I always love Valentine’s Day, it’s one of the days where I get to receive roses, chocolates, and minor surprises, but yesterday was different. I have never felt so lonely since the last four years of my life. He is far away, literally, we are far apart from each other. But the good thing was we managed to see each other the day before, the 13th actually. I haven’t received any of the things I mentioned above, which did not surprise me but made me feel so sad even more. I know that our relationship now seems to be tragic, we barely see each other, we do text messaging but he’s always busy in school, what do I expect, right?

Anyway, I was just like a lonesome girl yesterday, I went home feeling envious to every couple I  have got sight of, to my left, a cake, to my right, balloons, at my back, flowers, in my front, gigantic teddy bears, I know, they were so sweet but what the hell? O.o

I don’t want those, I want a person, I want somebody not those minor things….

For the very first time, I did not get to appreciate my Valentine’s Day this year *sigh


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